First Avenue

“I have been playing the Mahogany Currier guitar on stage for the past 3 years. It just gets better with age!”

Guitarist/Vocalist Tim Krogman and Vocalist Renee Thompson have an eclectic eye, paying both contemporary classics and deep cuts alike. First Avenue always brings a passion for the songs they select and a sense of humor to the stage. Photograph by John Hartman.


I first met John when my Taylor T5 needed repair and Taylor Guitars referred me to him as their certified tech in the central Wisconsin area.  When I was invited into his shop, seeing all the clamps and jigs, I asked "Do you build guitars too?" Selection of tone wood, binding, inlays, sound port, fingerboard radius, tuners, bridge pegs ... I could go on but you get the idea, every detail was discussed.  He even filled my request for progress photos.  Just before my guitar was finished I had the chance to play a Taylor 12-string, 500 series, and now had the itch.  When John called and said "It's finished," I was at his shop ASAP with Taylor expectations.  The guitar pictured here was not only beautiful but played better than it looked, every bit as good as the aforementioned instrument.   Of course the real test is when you get it home.  It became my go to for weeks and yes an original song jumped out of it as well.  If you are looking for a TRULY handmade guitar there is no need to look beyond Currier Guitars.  Currier first, Currier Quality.



Francis Ashley

“Since my spinal cord injury I had been struggling to play the conventional acoustic guitars that are available. Then a good friend of mine referred me to John of Currier Guitars. I discussed with him the alterations I was looking for in an acoustic guitar and he delivered a beautiful piece of artwork that fits me perfectly. It’s a guitar I will enjoy for the rest of my life."

Tim C.

“The first thing I noticed was the blue veneer on back of the head stock with subtle matching pinstripes down the fret board. They ran right into the triple ring rosette – simply striking. John has the eye for detail. I am blown away thinking that this guitar was born out of the same piano I learned to play music on as a child. The fingerboard crafted from the ebony keys, the magnolia wood sides and back taken from the piano cabinet, the maple neck built from the legs of the piano, and the top made from the piano’s sound board were given new life. I love the classical size body that still holds wonderful bass. The guitar plays just as well for strumming as it does for finger picking. This is truly a special instrument to me and an instant heirloom.”


Photograph courtesy Heidi Oberstadt

Photograph courtesy Heidi Oberstadt

Charlie Barnett

“My Currier guitar became my "go to" guitar after playing it for fifteen minutes. Somehow he had an intuition of what style guitar would suit me. The body style, the neck, the finish, its acoustic properties, even the frets instantly felt right to me. He made me a guitar that fit the music I play and even my personality.” — Charlie Barnett of the band Chaise Lounge

Jerry Goldberg

The fit, finish and overall looks are spectacular. The neck is wonderful the fretwork is smooth and “chunky”, just like I wished. Most importantly the tone/timber is exactly what I wanted. How would I describe it? Round warm, articulate. It’s just absolutely beautiful. Remarkable sustain and harmonics. Thanks John, it is just a work of art!


John rendall

“I didn’t realize how deep the discussion would go. There were many more decisions to make than I had ever imagined. All I knew was that I wanted it to look and sound good, besides being a guitar that I could play with my prosthesis. He knows it all, of course, and he guided me through the process.” -as reported in the Stevens Point Journal.

Steve K.

“I truly enjoyed the process with you. You helped me shape the ultimate design artistically and bring together the ideas I brought to you into an integrated product of beauty that serves as a perfect memorial that also has an excellent musical quality. You were able to grasp my vision of what I wanted in the guitar before I could envision the final design and I felt it was a true partnership with you, Michael, and I to build a quality guitar that will be passed on for generations. I learned a lot about what is involved in making a quality instrument and trusted in your technical knowledge and appreciated how you explained the process on each step of design and construction through the conception and delivery of a beautiful instrument.”

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