custom guitars


Guitar players know there’s something special about “THE” guitar. The one that sounds just perfect to your ear, the one that has the ideal fit for your hand so that it almost plays itself, the one that has the exact look you need to match your personality. And there are innumerable guitars out there today from which you can make your selection. But what if you need something else, something that you can’t find in a manufactured guitar? That’s when you go to a custom builder. 

DC2389A_CurrierGuitars _032.jpg

The heirloom guitar, the memorial guitar, the guitar built from reclaimed woods that came from your family’s cabin, or the tree your children climbed, a guitar built from the wood of an old piano that has seen better days, or even a guitar built to accommodate a special physical need are all possible with a custom builder. That’s what I do. I take memories to make memories and I welcome the challenge to make instruments that meet particular, unusual and sometimes unique requirements.